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Our mission is to better serve children with special needs through education, resources, and support.

Peer Buddy Program

buddies02Peer Buddy Program

The New Albany Peer Buddy Program is a program for New Albany High School and NA Middle School students with special needs to be partnered with a high school peer buddy.  The high school peer buddy club will plan numerous extracurricular social events during the year for which the peer buddies and their partners may choose to participate.  The high school peer buddy will be a friend to a partner with special needs and will provide support in his/her community.

For more information about the Peer Buddy Program or to inquire about including your high school or middle school child with special needs in this program, please contact us at Michele Doran

Additional forms for the Peer Buddy Program can be obtained by:

***  Anyone interested in the program as a Buddy or a participant with special needs, please request to join the Facebook Group “New Albany Peer Buddy Program”.

NA Peer Buddy Program Advisor, Daphne Hess, was honored to announce that NASC was awarded the Adam Stuart Linhart Memorial Fund grant from the Columbus Foundation to sponsor the 2007-08 and the 2008-09 Peer Buddy Programs! Adam was a young man who despite his strengths of charm, intelligence, artistic, mechanical and athletic abilities had a learning disability and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which made school quite challenging. By receiving this grant Adam’s life will be remembered in a positive light and will help the Peer Buddy Program to advance its goal of fostering friendships. Thank you very much to the Linhart family your generous gift.

SOCIAL EVENTS: for our Peer Buddies and Partners

  • NA football & basketball tailgate parties
  • board games
  • bingo
  • arts & crafts
  • putt putt golf
  • bowling
  • PB baseball game
  • Bonfire & teen party
  • Columbus Zoo
  • shopping at PetsMart
  • scavenger hunt
  • tennis



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