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New Albany Special Connections draws it energy and resolve from the strength of its families and supporters

New Albany Special Connections
Our mission is to better serve children with special needs through education, resources, and support.


What is New Albany Special Connections?

New Albany Special Connections is a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 dedicated to serving the population of children with special education needs from preschool through high school and their families within the New Albany – Plain Local School District. New Albany Special Connections continually strives to build positive, productive and collaborative partnerships among families, educators and the greater New Albany community.

2013 -2014 Activities and Events…
(Focusing on the Peer Buddy Program)

Peer Buddy Scavenger Hunt
Sunday, March 16th
2:00 to 3:30pm
Meet in the Jefferson Room at New Albany High School


New Albany Peer Buddy Program Update… The Peer Buddy Program is Starting its Eighth Year as a Thriving NASC Endeavor!

For the last 7 years under the supervision of New Albany Special Connections board member, Daphne Hess, the Peer Buddy Program had over 110 participants of both buddies (high school volunteers) and partners (middle and high school students with special needs). Students enjoyed high school tailgate parties, basketball/football games, crafts, games, bowling, putt-putt golf, bingo, and many more social activities. Now in its 8th year of existence, the program will be headed by Michele Doran


New Albany High School students looking for community service hours can apply to become a Peer Buddy by joining the Peer Buddy Club and attending Orientation during the first two Club Meetings. High School Students can contact HS Leaders:

  • Renee Doran
  • Jane Haffer
  • Natalie Koenig

Please request to join the Facebook Group “New Albany Peer Buddy Program” for announcements.

If you are a parent of a middle school or high school child with special needs please contact Michele Doran and complete the program forms by clicking on the link:  Peer Buddy Program. Michele can be reached at  You can also click on the link to learn more about the program.


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